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Electric Height Adjustable Desks

How to keep little fingers away from the computer

Before being a mum, I never quite realised how much it takes out of you. Of course it is hugely rewarding and I enjoy it a lot but with three small children, it is almost impossible to keep an eye on all of them at once. Then the most peculiar things are part of the daily routine: a Marmite toast in the video player, Lego in the dishwasher, crisps in daddy’s slippers and our cat wearing the latest Barbie hairpiece. I had just bought a brand new computer workstation and I was holding back from opening the box until I could find a computer desk/ workstation.

That is exactly what my friend bought, it seems to work a treat: she tucks the children in bed and then she opens the out-of-bound computer armoire and magically a small home office unfolds, free from finger marks and peanut butter. Also this way all the computer cables are hidden and non accessible. Of course forbidden areas are the most attractive to children, but luckily some of these computer hideaways are fully lockable. My computer should be safe for the next couple of years, as long as my kids don’t see the Chronicles of Narnia! The other solution is a electric height adjustable desk that can be raised up above inquisitive eyes and little fingers. The cables can also be managed with something like Cable Tidy

Electric Height Adjustable Desk
Electric Height Adjustable Desk